We meet on the 1st Tuesday of the Month at St Frances Cabrini Church, 57 Pond Hill Road in North Haven CT. We thank the Wonderful Parish Community for allowing us to meet there! 

North Haven Sons and Daughters Of Italy Lodge 2805


P.O. Box 193 North Haven Connecticut, 06473

The fifties were a defining moment in American dance history. While other dance fads had spread throughout the world relatively slowly, television suddenly allowed millions of viewers the chance to see exactly how to do the dance moves that went with their favorite songs. This led to unprecedented popularity for dances like the Stroll, the Boogie Woogie and the most iconic 50s dance, the Hand Jive. Okay so maybe not the Boogie Woogie but its still fun to watch the videos.

Join us for  some of the "golden oldies" from the 1950, and have some fun,  This era is all about having fun.

Watch The Stroll

Join Us April 25, time and place to be announced!

Hand Jive Just The Hands

The Hand Jive

Hand Jive Song And Dance

Watch The Boggie Woggie